Business Accelerator
For Capital Markets

Trusted by 50 leading financial institutions worldwide
We are a Singapore-based capital markets technology provider. Since 2001, we have automated order management, execution, documentation and post-trade life cycle requirements of over 50 financial institutions, including investment banks, brokerage houses, retail and private wealth management firms. Our platform is used by 15,000 bankers across 25 countries to electronically trade financial instruments including OTC derivatives, structured products, funds, insurance, bonds, equities and cash FX.


Foreign Exchange Spot, Forward, Options,
DCI, Strategies and Multi Leg Structures


Direct Equities, ETF, OTC Derivatives,
Structured Notes, Funds


Fixed Income Bonds, Bills, Funds, IRD, CDS,
Bancassurance, Deposits

All-in-One System

  • Live as well as Published Quotes
  • Suitability and Compliance Checks
  • Pre and Post Trade Documentation
  • Settlements and Accounting
  • Life Cycle and Corporate Actions
  • Pricing and Valuation Models