FinIQ is a Singapore-based capital markets technology provider. Established in 2001, FinIQ today caters to order management, best execution, compliance, suitability, documentation, valuation and post-trade life cycle requirements of over 55 financial institutions. The platform is used by nearly 15,000 bankers across 25 countries to electronically trade financial instruments including derivatives, structured products, swaps, funds, bonds, cash equity and cash FX. Direct to Client apps and APIs are also offered in addition to the enterprise platform.

Modular Functionality, Wide Range of Instruments and Front-to-Back Support

Direct Market

FinIQ offers electronic liquidity for FX cash, FX derivatives, EQ derivatives and structured products via its own network and funds, bonds, shares execution via partner networks.

Investments and
Securities Trading

Investments & Securities Trading platform includes order and execution management, corporate action as well as investment accounting covering bonds, shares, IPOs, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurances, repo, structured deposits and MM.

Derivatives and
Structured Products

Derivatives and Structured Products Trading platform helps in pricing, valuation, reverse enquiry, electronic dealing, order management, trade capture, documentation, life cycle analytics and payout of FX and equity linked products.

Electronic Foreign
Exchange Trading

Electronic Foreign Exchange Trading platform is used to automate mass distribution and dealing of spot, forward, swap, limit orders, NDF, precious metal products with a choice of using either single dealer or multi dealer liquidity.

Retail Wealth

Retail and Consumer Wealth Management platform includes client onboarding, product catalogue, order management, regulatory compliance, target portfolio, valuation and P/L statement.

Private Wealth

Private Wealth Management platform includes multi asset class, multi issuer, multi dealer connectivity as well as wealth planning, click and trade dealing, documentation, post trade accounting, P/L statement and collateral management.


FinIQ's core offering is its front-to-back platform for digitalising sales and distribution, enabling new channels, empowering bankers, enhancing compliances and also seamlessly integrating into the ecosystem in auditable manner.


FinIQ API module caters to the need of financial institutions to build their own E-commerce platforms for managing price discovery, electronic dealing, CRM and portfolio for both bank internal as well as external client usage.


FinIQ MarketConnect Suite is a multi-dealer/multi-issuer liquidity network of 25 leading investment banks and venues powering live quotes and express order execution for FX, FXD, EQD, SP, shares and bonds, all at a button's click.


FinIQ UCP (User Configured Product) toolkit is a low-code/no-code capability which clients themselves use to self-design their own trading and workflow solutions, together targetting product finishing and time-to-market goals.

The FinIQ System is currently used by
15,000 Bankers
from 120 Banking Units
of 55 Banking Groups
across 25 Countries

FinIQ offers front to back system
16  Different Modules
  5 Asset Classes

FinIQ electronic trading network connects to
25  Leading Investment Banks
for 3 Asset Classes

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Concept Map



  • Order capture
  • Approval Workflow
  • Product Catalogue
  • Search Engine
  • Access Control
  • Validation Rules
  • Financial amendment
  • Cancellation
  • Pooled Orders
  • Order Placement Form
  • Settlement Instructions
  • Add-on Order
  • Hedge Trade
  • Book Building
  • Order Watching

Electronic pricing, negotiation and order capture replaces manual workflows, improving efficiency and reducing data errors. Distribution reach can now be increased due to the ability to offer lower minimum trade size, greater product flexibility, expanded geographical scale meeting investment and risk management needs of all client segments.



  • Liquidity via FIX Protocol
  • 13 FX Derivatives suppliers
  • 21 EQ Derivatives suppliers
  • Email-based alternative
  • Timed Quotes
  • Streaming Quotes
  • Online Execution
  • Willing Buyer Choice
  • Willing Seller Choice
  • Thresholds & Rules
  • Best Price Logic
  • Quote History

Online hedging of client orders with leading markets has been made possible while reducing exposure to price movement risk. Clients can now be offered more competitive prices due to the guarantee of best price execution and also due to the fact that the distributors don’t require a market movement buffer in their prices as the quotes are real-time. Clients can be offered tailor-made instruments of their liking as there is no human intervention in the price discovery process.



  • Orders placed
  • Deals done
  • Documents sent
  • Recommendations
  • Products offered
  • Products permitted
  • Profitability
  • Products liked
  • Coupons expected
  • Portfolio Allocation
  • Portfolio Composition
  • KYC parameters
  • Position, Risk & P/L
  • Settlement Instruction

A holistic perspective of the client relationship helps Sales desk get a 360° view of the client profile. Clients can make an informed decision while investing since they get access to the latest facts. Sales desk can better target the products for the client, taking into account the client’s need, leading to improved customer service and timely regulatory compliance, driving up client satisfaction and business sustainability.



  • Live market feed
  • Solvers
  • Volatility Surface
  • Yield Curve
  • Indicative Price Grid
  • Dealable Prices
  • Smart Spreads
  • Sensitivities
  • Hedge Management
  • Simulation Pricing
  • Multiple underlyings
  • Schedule generation
  • RFQ workflow
  • Coherency checks
  • Pricing Models
  • Proprietary and Commercial

Clients often demand tailor-made products as against a set of pre-defined catalogue of products. Ability to price such products via market-data linked pricing models complemented by smart solvers that suggest product parameters for client specified targets, helps establish a niche. Clients can now find specific solutions for their specific needs instead of buying products without any choice.



  • Framework-based
  • Client on-boarding, KYC
  • Suitability Rules
  • Documents signed
  • Revision Cycles
  • Product Validations
  • Risk Scores
  • Approval workflow
  • Credit Check
  • Collateral, Limits
  • Allocation, Composition
  • Correspondence audit
  • Future-proof
  • Termsheets

Compliance rules involved in selling structured products are constantly evolving. The ability to configure these ever changing rules aids in meeting banks' time-to-market objectives. The system automates suitability, KYC, product promotion, OTC collateral, trade approval, inbound and outbound documentation, best price execution, reporting and many such compliance functions via a configurable framework.



  • Rule-based framework
  • IR, FX, EQ, CO
  • Fixing, Exercise
  • Barrier Watch
  • Corporate Action
  • Confirmations & Advices
  • Notifications
  • Coupon, Accruals
  • General Ledger
  • Payment - SWIFT
  • Redemption
  • Taxes, Fees
  • Transfer, Split
  • Statements
  • Cash, Physical, Quanto

Servicing of a trade after it is booked involves numerous processing events including market-linked fixings, coupons, callbacks, exercises, barrier and target checks. It also requires the functionalities of margin calls, accruals, compounding, corporate actions, advice printing, notifications, payments, and accounting entries. These are now fully automated, resulting in much lower processing costs per trade, lower operational risk and significantly improved customer service.


  • Multiple Asset Classes
  • Full Trade Life Cycle
  • Pre-packaged products
  • User Configured Products
  • Product Design Toolkit
  • Customizable Layouts payoff language
  • Validation checks
  • Document Templates
  • Termsheet Templates
  • Workflow Designer
  • Various underlyings
  • Reusable Components
  • Pricing Model links
  • Spreads & Rules
  • What-If simulation

User configuration product framework allows on-the-fly creation of new financial instruments as well as modification of existing product features. Product payoff, campaign parameters, sales commission scheme, optionality rules, derivatives clauses, fees structure, coupon and accrual rules, event schedules, business validation, order aggregation, suitability, pricing links, documentation and trade capture layout can be easily configured using the UCP toolkit. Extremely aggressive time-to-market targets can now be met for products ranging from funds, UT, deposits, and notes, to complex OTC Derivatives instruments.



  • OTC Option
  • Barrier Option
  • Accumulator
  • Decumulator
  • Equity Swap
  • Equity Linked Investment
  • Equity Linked Notes
  • Quanto ELN
  • KI, KO, Autocall
  • Basket Bull ELN
  • Daily Range Accrual
  • Fixed Coupon Notes
  • EQ Booster Notes
  • Step-down Autocall
  • Twin-Win Note

Equity linked products are either packaged as note securities or offered via Request-for-Quote workflows. The pricing can be in-house or third-party. FinIQ supports products ranging from OTC options to bull ELN, accumulators and baskets. The system also allows the definition of customized payoff products with OTC, deposit and note wrappers. The entire life cycle has been automated, starting from price discovery, term sheets, order pooling, order fulfillment, allocation, limit checks, fixing, coupon and redemption along with full audit trail and audit monitoring.



  • Cash Equity
  • Mutual Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Certificates of Deposits
  • Insurance
  • Banking Deposits
  • Bonds
  • IPO management
  • Banking Loans

FinIQ supports most traditional products such as Deposit, Loans, Insurance, Bonds, Unit Trust, Share Margin Finance and other securities. The workflows in traditional products often get very tangled due to real-world consideration such as re-investment, early withdrawal, funding cost, installment payments, past due settlement, fees, brokerage, commission, transfer, split, delivery, takeup, drawdown and many such features. Among retail, corporate, commercial and wealth management segments these workflows again vary significantly, but are still managed elegantly by the FinIQ workflow management platform. Besides FX, equity and rates linked derivatives products and traditional products, FinIQ also offers hybrid structured products via its User Configured Products (UCP) framework, making it an unparalleled product platform.



  • Government Bond
  • Corporate Bond
  • Perpetual Bond
  • Callable Bond
  • Variable Coupon Bond
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Cross Currency Swap
  • Credit Default Swap
  • Total Return Swap
  • Equity Linked Swap
  • Fully Funded Swap
  • Overnight Index Swap
  • Floating Rate Note
  • Credit Linked Note
  • Inverse Floater
  • Preferred Share
  • Forward Rate Agreement
  • IR Swaption
  • Bond Option

Interest rates module in FinIQ supports all three categories - bonds, swaps and notes. More advanced structured deposits or notes can be structured via a totally configurable payoff definition engine which not only facilitates order management, but also does the entire post-trade life cycle. The system handles workflows for confirmation, coupon advice, inbound document, SWIFT payments, amortization, valuation, collateral, margining, accrual, coupon, maturity, early redemption, accounting and many such post-trade processes. For custom-made products, the system allows payoff specification with complex algebra, combination of different frequencies and holiday conventions, if-then-else rules, market inputs, memory effects, alerts and watches.



  • FX Spot
  • Limit Order
  • FX Forward
  • NDF
  • FX Swap
  • Time Option
  • FX Option
  • Barrier Option
  • Digital Option
  • Accumulator
  • Target Redemption
  • DCI
  • DCI Barrier
  • Triple Currency
  • Commodity Linked
  • Principal Protected DCI
  • FX Pivot

From retail cash FX to complex multi-expiry or multi-underlying option strip, FinIQ supports the whole range of FX based products. The functionality includes pricing, liquidity, order management, collateral calculation, limit check, deal capture, middle office, back office, fixing, documentation and accounting. FinIQ also offers comprehensive volatility surface analytics, live market feed and links to top market markers. FinIQ’s Option Strip design tool allows the creation of re-usable structures and strategies that can be booked as ready-to-use packages hiding all the complexities of respective building blocks.