Smart Docgen

Documentation standards are not as evolved as pricing and execution protocols. Each financial institution has its own home-grown documentation formats.This has made it extremely difficult to compare documents produced by two different banks for the same underlying contract.
Customer complains, legal disputes and huge operational risk is inherent because of this deficiency widely prevelant in almost all markets around the world.

FinIQ with its early mover advantage has managed to solve this problem to a large extent. Documentation formats and workflows are both digitalised allowing clients to cut down the processing time minimise human intervention and reduce operational risks.

Indicative termsheets, final termsheets, product catalogues, fact-sheets, contract notes, research documents, payment advices, customer statements and much more is eletronically generated,transitted and tracked. For incoming documents, they are electronically sorted and archived after necessary validations.

What sets FinIQ's Smart Docgen apart is its ability of being configurable. In the same manner as FinIQ's financial product schemas are fully configured via its UCP (User Configured Toolkit), the Smart Docgen service is also configurable. It allows document schema, format, location, user role, addressee, channel, disclaimer, charts, schedules, tables and all such elements to be entirely driven by the bank.

For banks which act exclusively as distributors this goes even further, allowing exact same product to have multiple variations in templates based on the issuer specific styles.

The Smart Docgen allows new product and workflow changes to be correctly reflected into the internal and external documentation artefacts within no time, giving immense time to market advantage and most importantly, it helps ensure zero compromise on regulatory compliance on account of any wrong documentation.