Modular Functionality, Wide Range of Instruments and Front-to-Back Support

Direct Market

FinIQ offers electronic liquidity for FX cash, FX derivatives, EQ derivatives and structured products via its own network and funds, bonds, shares execution via partner networks.

Investments and
Securities Trading

Investments & Securities Trading platform includes order and execution management, corporate action as well as investment accounting covering bonds, shares, IPOs, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurances, repo, structured deposits and MM.

Derivatives and
Structured Products

Derivatives and Structured Products Trading platform helps in pricing, valuation, reverse enquiry, electronic dealing, order management, trade capture, documentation, life cycle analytics and payout of FX and equity linked products.

Electronic Foreign
Exchange Trading

Electronic Foreign Exchange Trading platform is used to automate mass distribution and dealing of spot, forward, swap, limit orders, NDF, precious metal products with a choice of using either single dealer or multi dealer liquidity.

Retail Wealth

Retail and Consumer Wealth Management platform includes client onboarding, product catalogue, order management, regulatory compliance, target portfolio, valuation and P/L statement.

Private Wealth

Private Wealth Management platform includes multi asset class, multi issuer, multi dealer connectivity as well as wealth planning, click and trade dealing, documentation, post trade accounting, P/L statement and collateral management.


FinIQ's core offering is its front-to-back platform for digitalising sales and distribution, enabling new channels, empowering bankers, enhancing compliances and also seamlessly integrating into the ecosystem in auditable manner.


FinIQ API module caters to the need of financial institutions to build their own E-commerce platforms for managing price discovery, electronic dealing, CRM and portfolio for both bank internal as well as external client usage.


FinIQ MarketConnect Suite is a multi-dealer/multi-issuer liquidity network of 25 leading investment banks and venues powering live quotes and express order execution for FX, FXD, EQD, SP, shares and bonds, all at a button's click.


FinIQ UCP (User Configured Product) toolkit is a low-code/no-code capability which clients themselves use to self-design their own trading and workflow solutions, together targetting product finishing and time-to-market goals.

The FinIQ System is currently used by
15,000 Bankers
from 120 Banking Units
of 55 Banking Groups
across 25 Countries

FinIQ offers front to back system
16  Different Modules
  5 Asset Classes

FinIQ electronic trading network connects to
25  Leading Investment Banks
for 3 Asset Classes

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